Irrelevant to Toronto News #1 — MASSIVE TRADE IN MLB

So far this MLB off-season has been pretty- OH MY GOSH PRINCE FIELDER HAS BEEN TRADED TO THE RANGERS. What a crazy deal!

The Texas Rangers and Detroit Tigers have made the deal official that would send 1B Prince Fielder (plus $30-million) to the Rangers for 2B Ian Kinsler. I never would have guessed that Kinsler, who has been rumoured to being traded for a while now, would have been moved to the Tigers! And of all people Prince Fielder, who just last off-season signed that massive 9-year, $214-million. I like this trade for both teams (SLIGHT edge to Detroit) for many different reasons.

1. Both Texas and Detroit are filling different needs.

Detroit can now slot Miguel Cabrera over to 1B. This is much better for Detroit’s infield defense as Cabrera, Fielder and Infante combined for a -3.7 DWAR last season (Fielder being a -2.2). According to Baseball Info Solutions, Cabrera and Fielder had combined to cost the Tigers 31 runs last year relative to an average fielder, showing just how bad their defense was. Trading for Kinsler has helped their defense immensely.

Texas is getting a power-bat they desperately need. While Fielder may be showing declining stats (his ISO power VS. RHP’s has declined the past three years) he can still smack a ball out of the park, hitting 25 home-runs in 2013 (his lowest in a full-season). Fielder is only 29 and even if he is heavy could produce for a very long time (COUGH David Ortiz COUGH). If Cruz doesn’t return to the Rangers Fielder will help fill the void lost by him.

2. Detroit has saved some money, and can now resign Scherzer.

It’s not too often teams look to trade their reigning Cy Young winner (except, y’know, the Mets and Dickey, who is still the best) but that is what it seemed like the Tigers may have to do, as they really couldn’t afford to keep him. Now that Fielder’s massive contract is gone, they’ve set themselves up well to keep Scherzer. Having a 1-2-3 punch of Verlander, Scherzer and Sanchez for the next 4+ years could be scary in the playoffs, as they’ve already shown.

3. Texas had options for 2B.

Texas was able to trade away Kinsler because they had the highest ranked prospect in the MLB, Jurickson Profar. Profar is only 20 years old (one year older than me, holy depressing Batman) and seems to be a cornerstone in the Rangers lineup for the upcoming years. While Profar only put up a lowly 0.1 WAR last year, he will grow and showed in AA / AAA he can hit for around .270 AVG with some pop and speed.

However both players showed last year that they do not seem to be the same players they once were. Fielder’s OBP fell drastically from .412 to .362, as did his AVG and HR total. His K’s also increased from 84 to 117 and his BB’s fell from 85 to 75. While some may attribute this decline to his weight issues, it could also be linked to the struggles he had to endure this past year with his divorce. Either way a new scenery should help Fielder bounce back.

Kinsler has also had his own HR woes since 2011, falling from 32 to 19 to 13 last year. Kinsler however did post better numbers in 2013 than he did in 2012, showing an increase in AVG, OPB and WAR. If Kinsler can show that he’s still a speedy, power hitting 2B then Detroit will win this trade hands-down in my eyes.

Finally, an interesting thought from Joel Sherman:

That would certainly clear enough room to sign one or two major free-agents. The Fielder-for-Kinsler swap and signing Fielder last off-season showed that Dombrowski has guts when it comes to making a major splash.


My experience with Jeff Sammut

This is me retelling what my interview with Jeff Sammut was like. Sadly I did not record the interview, as I made a rookie mistake and didn’t hit the record button. #NiceJobJamieDOH.

Endless Possibilities

Ever since the first email was sent in 1971 social media has grown slowly and slowly. However in the last decade social media has EXPLODED into the computers of every home.

Ken Pearson, Digital Content Manager for Metroland’s Durham Division, visited our class and talked about social media and its uses being a journalist. He told us that what we could do with Social Media was almost endless. “Your imagination is the only limitation with what you can do with these tools.”

One of the biggest platforms to use as a journalist is Twitter, as it’s arguably the fastest way to get news out. According to the average amount of tweets sent per day is 190 million, meaning people will always be on Twitter to spread news.

Social media will become more and more used for news gathering as we grow older. also says that the total percentage of people ages 18-24 that already use social media is 98%!  As we grow older as young journalists, the people our age group will look for us to provide them with news, whether it be through newspaper, television or internet.


Jamie Sayer

Gardiner being shopped?!

It can’t be true, can it? According to Elliotte Friedman the Toronto Maple Leafs are having ” some level of conversation going on” about Jake Gardiner, and it’s obvious why. He and Randy Carlyle aren’t on the same page and it is clear Carlyle is not happy with his performance. Carlyle has upset his fair share of players and doesn’t seem like a players coach. You have to earn the minutes under Carlyle, and it should be like that. However once you’re in Carlyle’s doghouse, you stay there. Gardiner has a lot of work to do to prove that he deserves to play in the NHL. He’s shown he has the skill (5 points in 6 games against Boston in the Playoffs)  to play with the Big Boys, it’s just the matter playing consistently at that level. Having arguably the same player in Rielly waiting in the wings to play every day doesn’t help his chances though.

However Elliotte did have to say this:

This is very good news. We wouldn’t want Gardiner to be sold low just because of a couple of bad games. The man oozes potential to be a #1/2 defenseman. If he were to be traded, it would have to be for young assets the Leafs could use. Potential trade targets that seem to make sense to me would be to Colorado and Philadelphia. Colorado has way too many centers and were just recently in the market for a young defenseman, exactly like Gardiner. Could they be willing to move a name like Matt Duchene or Ryan O’Reilly? The former would cost a lot more than Gardiner and the latter wouldn’t be allowed to be traded till February thanks to signing the Offer Sheet Calgary presented to him (even though Colorado matched it) . So I’ll make the safe bet and say unless it’s for Paul Stastny, no deal with Colorado is getting done.

So how about Philadelphia? Would that crazy General Manager of the Flyers risk losing another trade with Toronto? In short yes, but I even with their defense as terrible as it is, I can’t see Holmgren parting with anything that Nonis would want. Courtier would be target #1, and in reality he is the only player I would want from Philly (other than Giroux, but y’know, who doesn’t?).

So the logical answer from this whole mess is to just wait and see what happens. No rush to trade Gardiner from a team that is 3-0. He could explode one game, and then take off from there. Let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later.

Oh and one more thing…


Jamie Sayer

Goaltending Controversy

Holy heck this is nice, isn’t it? For those of you that live under rocks (that are Leaf fans, at least) James Reimer and Jonathan Bernier are both proving to be NHL starting goalies. With Reimer having a stellar 37 save performance Tuesday against Montreal and Bernier having an just-as amazing 31 save performance tonight,  this is shaping into one of the best controversies the Leafs have ever had to deal with. In my opinion I would start Reimer against Ottawa, as he has absolutely KILLED the Senators. However it wouldn’t surprise me if Bernier bounced back the game after and started in Colorado. It is Reimer’s job to lose after his performance last year, and he isn’t going down without a fight. It’s clear that Bernier was brought in to claim the #1 spot however, given what was paid to acquire him.

Overall I would say the Leafs had a very sub-par game. Without Bernier / the PK / Cody Franson and Jay McClement the Leafs could easily have lost 5-3. Dave Bolland scored the game-winning goal and the insurance marker with under a minute left in the game, and he looked very good. SUCK ON THAT GRABBO (just kidding, love you always <3).

-Random Thoughts-

  • Kessel scored on his birthday, which is awesome for the recently well-paid (as if he wasn’t before, but still) Maple Leaf. I KNOW WHO’S WINTER CLASSIC JERSEY I’M GETTING FOR CHRISTMAS.
  • Kadri seemed to be playing on the 3rd / 4th line and didn’t see any action from what I could tell in the 3rd. Randy Carlyle really sticks to his philosophy that if you’re not playing well, your ice time will suffer.
  • FREAKIN’ FRANSON! I feel like this man is going to replace Dion Phaneuf if Dave Nonis can’t sign the #1 Defenseman to a reasonable deal. Franson will probably want (this is my estimation, no accurate financial info WHATSOEVER) around 5M a year, which is completely reasonable if he continues to put up the same numbers he has. 5 Years at 5M a year, that sound okay Franson? #Please
  • How under-rated is McClement? That man had been a God-send to the Leafs PK and he seems to always make the smart plays when he’s needed to.

Copyright and its Confusing Policies

I was forced wanted to make my first blog about copyright, so HERE GOES NOTHING. Well, what I DID learn in class was that copyright is a confusing mess. From having many different types of copyright infringement to having a copyright “lifespan” just plain confused the heck out of me. I did however like the idea that MY work 50 years after I’m dead will still be in my name. I guess we’ll learn about all of this next year in Media Ethics, which will help. Another thing that I don’t understand is even once a picture is put on the internet it’s still copyrighted, even if it is almost impossible to trace. Oh well, it’s something I’m sure with some research I’ll come to understand. Till I do, don’t expect anything fancy from this blog, picture wise. Oh, and GO LEAFS GO!


Jamie Sayer

Source: Copyright basics word document