Copyright and its Confusing Policies

I was forced wanted to make my first blog about copyright, so HERE GOES NOTHING. Well, what I DID learn in class was that copyright is a confusing mess. From having many different types of copyright infringement to having a copyright “lifespan” just plain confused the heck out of me. I did however like the idea that MY work 50 years after I’m dead will still be in my name. I guess we’ll learn about all of this next year in Media Ethics, which will help. Another thing that I don’t understand is even once a picture is put on the internet it’s still copyrighted, even if it is almost impossible to trace. Oh well, it’s something I’m sure with some research I’ll come to understand. Till I do, don’t expect anything fancy from this blog, picture wise. Oh, and GO LEAFS GO!


Jamie Sayer

Source: Copyright basics word document


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